Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Best Seller

With my return to blogging, I have decided to take a different approach and talk about what I think is my best work and images that others think highly of.  I sell my work through my website, FineArtAmerica.com, (who also fulfills orders done off my website) and Redbubble.com.   This picture is by far the best seller.

Florence Sunset

This was taken near the end of our trip to Florence several years ago.  We went up to the Michelangelo Plaza across from the city main and, with several dozen other tourists, took a bunch of pictures as the sun set on this beautiful city.  I took 26 shops from this angle.  I also shot many closer shots as the city's lights were coming on and it got darker, but so far this was the best one, in my opinion. 

I didn't do much to this one; pretty much a keeper out of the camera.  A little burning on the highlights on the river and a bit brightness in Curves adjustments. That's it.

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