Monday, November 15, 2010

Moon over Mill Pond

It's amazing how lazy I can be sometimes.  In mid-October, my wife, Michele, and I spent 10 days up in the Sierra Nevada mountains in a little town called Graeagle.  We own a condo up there and spend a couple of weeks a year in this beautiful mountain community - lots of golf, hiking around and plenty of photo ops. I specifically wanted to get some fog shots since there was a good amount of morning fog, at least the first few days.  I dutifully rose with the dawn, looked out our 2nd story bedroom window and there it was: Fog! Cool.  But hey, I'm on vacation and want to sleep in a bit.  And of course an hour later it was gone.  Did the same thing the next day, but added it will probably be foggy tomorrow as well ... snore.  But no more fog all week.  What a dope!

But I didn't miss this shot.  The old Graeagle Mill Pond is not far from our condo and we often stop by after crusing around the area, just to see what's up.  And this time the moon was up.  How great is that!  I had my camera and tripod in the car, so I set it up and took several 5-7 image bracketed shots to make an HDR image.  The lighting wasn't anything to get excited about, it being the middle of the day.  But I had no idea where the moon might be as it got closer to sunset, so I thought I'd better get what I can.  However, the processed HDR image was a bit dull, really.  So I made some image layer adjustments with layer mode and added some contrast to get this final result.  Which I'm happy with.  But, jeez, Mick, get out of bed and go get the shots!  Lazy bum.

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