Saturday, June 24, 2017

Discerning Eyes

I almost always run my finalized images by the lovely eyes of my wife, Michele.  I appreciate her input and she often leaves a viewing to look for a place on ours walls for the new picture.  This is a new one she's currently working on where it should live. 😊

Portland Harbor

This was shot on a foggy morning in Portland, Maine, on our New England car tour back in 2015.  It sometimes takes a bit f time before I see what I want to do with an image.  After color correction I used NIK HDR Efex Pro plug-in for the contrast and structure I wanted.  I also had to clone out some spots and weird shadowing above the tops of the foreground posts.  I also created an additional fog effect in Photoshop to give it a little more density and better color.

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