Tuesday, November 15, 2016

San Francisco

I lived in San Francisco for 40 years, almost to the day.  I moved there to finish college and stayed.  I loved being a San Franciscan. I also shot the heck out of it on video and film for a company I was a partner in called Cityscape.  This was a hotel TV network which broadcasted a tour of San Francisco and surrounding areas to major hotels in the city. And strangely enough, when I got back into still photography, I did not shoot a lot of stills of the city I loved.  But here are a couple I like:

Greetings from San Francisco
Fishermen's Wharf

Now that I've been gone for 2 years, I kinda regret not shooting more.  I had several ideas about images I wanted; fog in an alley, the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset, sunrise, and after the tights went on; Coit Tower, North Beach (in the fog, of course).  But I kept thinking it had been over done and I had done enough moving pictures to satisfy my desires.  I guess maybe not.  So hey, who knows.  I ain't dead yet!

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